The facility has a kitchen and dining area, separate bathrooms for men & women, a laundry and a large common area. You can also bring your own tent or van to stay in while you are here and some sites are powered. We also supply stoves, fridges, freezers, a kettle, a toaster, pots, pans, utensils, cutlery, plates and mugs etc.

All of this accommodation is comfortable and allows for people to sleep and rest well so that they can work without being too tired. We do have people who find that it can be cold at night. You must bring warm bedding. It can get quite cold. We do not have enough blankets for everyone so make sure your sleeping bag is good enough to keep you warm at night.

Alcohol: There is a no alcohol policy for people staying at the accomodations. If you are found with alcohol then you will be asked to leave immediately.

Fees: We charge a small fee to compensate us for the power and gas usage. A rate of $11 daily or $77 per week. After 8 weeks of living and working with us your rates will drop to $5 per day. Accommodation charges are taken directly out of your wages.

For more information call Neil Ph:(08) 9844 3419
Fax: (08) 98443 594 or
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