Here at Handasyde's we are more than just Strawberries. So drop into our shop on Chesterpass Road to taste some delicious freeze-dried strawberries, 
mixed berries, jams, toppings & Gelato !

Opening Hours
September to May - 8.00am to 5.00pm
June to August - 9.00am to 4.00pm



Cakes & Slices                                    Assorted Prices 

Strawberries & Ice Cream - $5.00
(Seasonal Availability)

Pancakes - $12.50
Served with strawberries,                        
gelato, cream and homemade
Strawberry Syrup.
+Maple Syrup  50c
+Chocolate Syrup 50c
+Banana  $1

Pancakes Half Serve - $6.50

Waffles - $12.50
Served with strawberries,                          
gelato, cream and Passionfruit
or Strawberry syrup. (GF)
+Chocolate ganache  50c
+Maple Syrup  50c
+Banana  $1

Sausage Roll - $6.50
A homemade sausage roll                     
with a choice of dipping

Toasted Ham & Cheese
Sandwich - $8.50
Toasted home baked bread,                
with leg ham & melted

Kinder Box -  $10.00
For the little ones who want.           
a bit of everything.
Strawberry Jelly cup, toasted cheese,
Sausage Roll, Sauce and
fresh cut Strawberries.


Soup Of The Day  -  $10.00
In a mug, served with your                 
choice of either a savoury 
muffin or scone

Soup with Toasted Cheese 
Sandwich - $15.00
Have our soup of the day with a        
grilled cheese sandwich

Bruschetta - $12.95                                       
Home baked bread toasted, topped with
seared cherry tomatoes, onion,
basil sauce & balsamic glaze.
+Mushrooms $2
+Avocado $2

Beef Ragout - $16.95                                    
Slow cooked beef, mixed with herb and
root vegetables, served with home
baked bread

Tuscan Chicken & Mushroom - $16.95
Chicken in a creamy sauce with
Tuscan herbs, sundried tomatoes,
olives & wilted spinach, served
with home baked bread.

Moroccan Pumpkin & Chickpea - $16.95
Pumpkin and chickpea cooked
with warming Moroccan herbs,
served with home baked toasted
bread (V)

Farmer's High Tea
(suitable for 2 people) - $32.50
Toasted ham and cheese,                     
Sausage Roll, Strawberry 
relish, Scones with Jam and 
cream, Petit fours, includes
regular tea or coffee.

Ploughman's Lunch - $22.50
Fresh leg ham, Capel cheese,                    
pickled onions, dill pickles,
potato salad and a boiled egg
with our home baked bread and 
our awesome strawberry relish 


Handasyde Jam


Strawberry Syrup


Handasyde Gelato

Handasyde Strawberries

Handasyde Organic Certified Eggs


Passion Fruit Syrup


Grape Fruit Marmalade


Bush Honey


Lime & Ginger Marmalade


Raspberry & Strawberry Fruit Jelly


Strawberry & Vanilla Topping


Handasyde Ice Cream

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More Than Just Strawberries

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