Keen to stock freeze dried Handasyde products?

Products and freeze drying

We welcome bulk orders of our freeze dried strawberries — perfect for grocers, cafes, and restaurants.

If you’ve got a product you’d like to freeze dry, chances are we can make it happen.

Freeze drying is an incredible way to preserve the taste, aroma, and appearance of produce.

apple crunchies

Your customers will love:


Nutritional value

Freeze drying retains 90% of the nutrients found in fresh fruit

24 hours support


Portable and packable for any kind of adventure — an easy way to get your five a day

new year


seasonal produce is available year-round

Other great benefits:

shelf life

Great shelf life

Freeze dried produce lasts up to two years

low cost

Low shipping cost

Light and pre-packed, they’re a dream to ship


Wide appeal

from adventurous twenty-somethings to parents of young kids (and even their parents), there’s a huge market for healthy, tasty snack options

If you’ve got a crop of fruit, vegetables, or other low fat, low sugar product, drop us a line!

Neil is available on 0427 443 419, or by email:

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