Handasyde’s Freeze Dried Strawberries 100g


Naturally sweet, and great for lunch boxes.
Sweeten your snack time with fresh-tasting, freeze-dried strawberries. No sugar or preservatives. Taste the goodness of Australian grown strawberries.


Loved by lunchbox packers across Australia, Handasyde’s Freeze Dried Strawberries pack a nutritional punch. Our 100% Australian grown strawberries are freeze dried just as soon as they’re harvested. That means they provide almost 100% of the vitamins and minerals found in a fresh strawberry. Perfect for hiking, weekend adventures, our no-sugar-added, preservative free snack packs are a great addition to your healthy lifestyle.


Our freeze drying process means:

  • No added sugar or preservatives (not ever), so they’ll slot straight in to your healthy lifestyle
  • Freeze dried right after harvest, giving you a healthy, fruity boost, no matter the season
  • Berries retain their flavour, aroma, and appearance, so your kids won’t turn up their noses
  • Fruit is packable and travel-friendly for weekend adventures and holidays


  • 100g of freeze dried strawberries
  • Resealable packet (but you won’t need it!)


  • What’s the difference between freeze drying and dehydrating fruit?
  • Great question. Lots of people think they’re the same, but there are some major differences.Food dehydration involves circulating warm, dry air across the food. This removes lots of the moisture. The temperature is warm but not hot enough to cook the food. Dehydrated food is usually withered and harder than fresh. When it comes to freeze drying, there are four main steps:
    • After being washed and prepared, berries are frozen to -30ºC in our freeze drying machine
    • Fruit is placed in a vacuum chamber, where ice crystals evaporate — a process called sublimation
    • Product is heated slowly to complete the process
    • Strawberries are inspected and sealed in moisture-proof bags to seal in freshness, flavour, and nutrition
  • What do freeze dried strawberries look like and taste like?
  • They look incredibly similar to fresh strawberries! They can be a bit smaller but the aroma, flavour and texture are almost the same as a fresh berry.
  • Are freeze dried strawberries healthy?
  • Yes! Our freeze dried strawberries retain nearly 100% of the vitamins and minerals of a fresh strawberry. That means you can still get your daily hit of Vitamin C, manganese, folate, and potassium without having fresh fruit on hand.
  • Can freeze dried strawberries be used in baking and desserts?
  • Absolutely. You can swap freeze dried for fresh berries in baking. They’ll plump up a bit and add lovely flavour and texture to your baked goods, as a topping on desserts, or to sweeten a gourmet tasting platter!
  • How long can I keep my freeze dried strawberries?
  • Because the freeze drying process removes 98% of moisture (while dehydration only removes about 90%), they’ll stay tasty and ready to eat for up to two years.

If you’re looking for a sweet, nutritious snack on the go, grab some Handasyde’s Freeze Dried Strawberries!


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