Handasyde’s Strawberry Relish


Elevate your savoury snacks with 100% Australian strawberries.

Finger-licking fun. Homegrown strawberries combined with rich garlic, curry, and a splash of vinegar add a zesty depth of flavour to just about any meal or snack.


Looking to elevate your ham and cheese sandwich? Don’t go past Handasyde’s Strawberry Relish. Combining the sweetness of berries with a malty kick, this condiment adds depth of flavour to everything it touches. Perfect for dipping — think crackers, veggie patties, ciabatta, or crepes — Handasyde’s Strawberry Relish also makes a tasty topper for frittatas and quiche. Dollop this delicious strawberry savoury sauce on pies, wraps, burgers, or toasties for a sweet/savoury combo that can’t be beat. Handasyde’s Strawberry Relish is made in our farm kitchen with our own Australian-grown berries. Gluten free, dairy free and all natural.


  • 190g resealable jar
  • Contains homegrown strawberries onion, sultanas, cider vinegar, sugar, garlic, curry powder, pepper, salt — and that’s it

If you’re looking for a delicious kick for your savoury recipes, Handasyde’s Strawberry Relish will do the trick!


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